Samsung Galaxy Z Flip teardown reveals glass

When the primary video got here out, everybody was messaging me with the identical message. “Have you seen the teardown yet? It says that the Galaxy Z Flip is not using glass!” And I’ve been saying the identical factor – the Galaxy Z Flip has a protecting polymer layer on high, and that sturdiness check is testing that polymer layer as a substitute. Samsung already talked about that polymer layer, by the best way.

After which comes Jerry Rig Every part. Nicely-known for his sturdiness assessments – notably for the reason that days of bending iPhone 6, made a reputation for himself in testing telephones’ sturdiness.

I appeared as much as him on a lot of his assessments, however the Galaxy Z Flip sturdiness check is stuffed with misinformation. Leaping into conclusion and calling it “fake glass” is actually faux information.

I do know he’s testing the polymer layer. Lots of people who know its polymer on high of glass, began pinging Jerry Rig Every part on Twitter and telling him the scenario.

And after two days of misinformation, Jerry Rig Every part lastly posted a video clarifying that he did certainly discover glass.

So sure, relax – there’s a layer of ultra-thin glass as marketed, but it surely’s simply not what we’re touching. There’s nonetheless a layer of polymer on high. Ripping out the polymer layer like it will certainly shatter the skinny layer of glass, which is anticipated since thinner glass has decrease power. We presume there’s a particular solvent to both dissolve or soften the polymer layer.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ultra thin glass layer
Evaluating the Galaxy Fold with the Galaxy Z Flip.

The factor I’m making an attempt to say right here is easy – don’t soar into conclusions. It can solely unfold misinformation.


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